Tiger Eye 21 bead Wrist Mala


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Tiger Eye Wrist Mala Beads

Buddhist Mala Beads are a valuable meditation tool to focus the mind. Use these beads to assist in removing distraction during your prayers.

  • Count prayers throughout your day
  • Follow your breath during meditation
  • Use them in rhythm with a mantra

Wrist Mala Beads are used for short meditations, and to count daily prayers. Use them as a lesson reminder throughout your day.

Tiger Eye is a stone of vitality, enthusiasm, strength and practicality.

Tiger Eye is a solar stone that is used to open and balance the root and solar plexus chakras. It supports vitality and physical energy.

  • Teaches balance
  • Ancient protection stone
  • Reinforces health patterns
  • Sharpens intellect and logic
  • Helps bring dreams to action in the physical world

If you are experiencing a difficult time in life, tiger eye can help you to persevere with courage. Mediation with tiger eye stimulates the strength needed to move forward at dark moments.

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21 beads; 8mm beads


Golden brown


Balance, Strength, Luck, Protection, Healing


Root Chakra, Solar Plexus


Earth Element, Fire Element