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      Friendship symbols

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Love symbols

Silk gift bags

Symbols of friendship

These symbols of friendship will be a a physical reminder for your friend of the loyalty, caring, trust, and comfort you share. Each symbol is carved from natural gemstone.

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Friendship stones
Friendship stones bag

Pouch of Friendship Stones

Wish good fortune and happiness to someone special with this set of friendship stones in a pouch.

Includes: Malachite (for appreciation), Agate (protection & good fortune), Unakite (to lift spirits), Hematite (for health), Red or black Coral (for life force energy) and Rose Quartz (for love); card with stone description and silk or velvet pouch.


Ammonite Pair
Matched Pair Ammonite slices

Matched Pair Ammonites

Share one with a friend - 2 halves of a polished ammonite fossil...

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Rhodonite ball
Rhodonite ball

Rhodonite ball

Rhodonite is known as the "rescue stone". Carved into a sphere, rhodonite makes an ideal friendship talisman. It says "Our friendship surrounds us with strength and stability".

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Harmony Turtle

Harmony Turtle

The Turtle symbolizes Heaven's Blessings, Harmony, Longevity. If you have a friend who has endured, make a gift of this hand carved gemstone turtle as a symbol of the blessings that you've enjoyed together over time. The turtle will protect and preserve the harmony in your friendship.

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Gift Bags

Silk Gift Bags

Present your friendship gift in a beautiful silk or velvet bag.

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