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      Carved Gemstone Turtle

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Aventurine Turtle $19.98

Aventurine Turtle
2 1/4" long

ships within 48 hours

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2 1/4" long


carved gemstone (various)


Longevity, Heaven's Blessings

Totem Lesson:

Protection, Balance between earth and heaven

Goldstone Turtle $19.98

Goldstone Turtle
2 1/4" long


Lucky Turtle on Cord

Lucky Turtle on cord

24" cord, wide variety of gemstones,
1 1/4" long turtle

Turtle: symbol of Longevity, Heaven's Blessings

Learn these lessons from the turtle:

  • Reliance on oneself
  • Patience
  • Balance in different environments
  • Harmony

Turtles live to a very old age and so are often associated with long life. We can learn much about time and the perception of time by listening to the turtle. Slow and steady, the turtle grows old with grace and lives in harmony with its surroundings.

The turtle can make a home anywhere and does not become attached to any one place. It can teach us to seek out new experiences and opportunities. It is able to survive on both land and in water, and teaches us the lesson of self sufficiency in this way.

The Turtle protects by teaching the family to protect themselves. She brings the blessings of heaven to the home. Turtle symbolizes both the stability of earth energy, and the magical mysteries of heaven.



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