Mars money magic spell

Mars power in the month of March

March is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. It is the end of winter, but will often bring one last fierce

storm and then Spring.

Now is the time to “sweep out the old”. Traditionally a ritual sweeping, when a new broom was made and

the home cleaned from top to bottom to purify it before the spring planting. Start your Spring cleaning on the

east side of your home to make sure you get all the negativity out.

Use the strong Mars energy to bring an increase of money!

In a bag, put a garnet for the Mars money power and an aventurine for green money power add a piece of cinnamon

stick and a small magnet. Kiss the bag three times and keep it with you for 3 days.

Watch the money roll in!

The colors of the month of March are green and yellow. It is a very good time to do spells for wealth. Get

the Mars energy on your side!

Mars Magic Money Bag

Includes: Garnet, Aventurine, cinnamon stick, small magnet, bag


Mars, God of War

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