White Onyx Egg



White Onyx Egg

Though onyx is most commonly considered black, this chalcedony is also found in gray, white, blue, brown, yellow and red.

Onyx is a stengthening stone that will offer support during times of stress. It facilitates the centering of your energy with a higher power for the purpose of guidance. It imparts great personal strength.

It is a secretive stone that is said to hold the memories of things that have happened to the owner.

Onyx is a mental remedy to alleviate overwhelming fears and worries. This white onyx egg can be used as a hand comforter.

Hold it in your power hand with the pointed end facing outward to relieve fears and worries. Hold it with the pointed end facing inward to gain strength.

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50mm wide x 70mm tall(1.9" x 2.8")


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