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      Gemstone Eggs

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Gemstone Eggs

Agate Egg

Moss Agate Egg

Silver Lace Agate Egg

Amazonite Egg

Amethyst Egg

Angelite Egg

Aventurine Egg

Bloodstone Egg

Calcite Egg

Mangano Calcite Egg

Carnelian Egg

Celestite Egg

Charoite Egg

Chrysocolla Egg

Copper Egg

Crystal Egg

Fluorite Egg

Fossil Stone Egg

Goldstone Egg

Hematite Egg

Howlite Egg

Jade Egg

Jasper Egg

Brecciated Jasper Egg

Mookaite Jasper Egg

Picasso Jasper Egg

Leopard Jasper Egg

Picture Jasper Egg

Zebra Jasper Egg

Jet Egg

Labradorite Egg

Lapis Lazuli Egg

Lepidolite Egg

Malachite Egg

Moonstone Egg

Rainbow Obsidian Egg

Snowflake Obsidian Egg

Gold Sheen Obsidian Egg

Onyx Egg

Opalite Egg

Cherry Quartz Egg

Rhodochrosite Egg

Rhodonite Egg

Rose Quartz Egg

Selenite Egg

Serpentine Egg

Sodalite Egg

Smokey Quartz Egg

Stromatolite Egg

Sunstone Egg

Tiger Eye Egg

Tiger Iron Egg

Turquoise Egg

Unakite Egg

Display Stands

Gemstone eggs

Gemstone Eggs symbolize rebirth, fertility, resurrection, and new beginnings. Read more about egg symbolism.

Display stands are sold separately.

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Malachite Egg


Amethyst Egg


Crystal Quartz Egg


Goldstone Egg

Stress Release

Howlite Egg


Polychrome Jasper Egg

Clears Chakras

Shiva Lingam Stone




Rhodonite Egg


Display Stands

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Display Stands for Spheres and Eggs

Wide assortment of styles and sizes.

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