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      Onyx Egg

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Gemstone Eggs - Display Stands


2 3/4" tall Banded Onyx

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Banded Onyx Egg
70mm tall - stand not included

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2 3/4" tall


White or Banded browns, greens


Healing, Protection

Onyx Egg

Onyx is known to separate. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships.

Onyx occurs in several colors including black, gray, white, blues, browns, yellows and reds. It is a stone of inner strength, enhancing endurance and persistance.

Increase Inner Strength and Willpower with Onyx!

  • Increases ability to focus
  • Assists in the development of physical strength
  • Brings about self-mastery in matters of control, discipline and personal power
  • Anchors and stabilizes to alleviate fears and worries

Onyx opens and balances the Root, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.