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      Onyx gemstone ball

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Gemstone Balls - Display Stands

50mm $19.95

Banded Onyx Ball
from Pakistan
stand sold separately
ships within 48 hours

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Bands of green, brown, white


Protection, Healing


Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Onyx Ball

Onyx occurs in several colors including black, gray, white, blues, browns, yellows and reds. It is a stone of inner strength, enhancing endurance and persistance.

Increase Inner Strength and Willpower with Onyx!

  • Increases ability to focus
  • Assists in the development of physical strength
  • Brings about self-mastery in matters of control, discipline and personal power
  • Anchors and stabilizes to alleviate fears and worries

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.