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gemstones and crystals

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      Crystal and gemstone marbles, balls and spheres

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Gemstone Balls

Silver Lace Ball

Tree Agate Ball

Moss Agate Ball

Amazonite Ball

Amethyst Ball

Ametrine Ball

Angelite Ball

Aventurine Ball

Bloodstone Ball

Blue Calcite Ball

Honey Calcite Ball

Yellow Calcite Ball

Celestite Ball

Crystal Ball

Fluorite Ball

Yttriam Fluorite Ball

Black Goldstone Ball

Red Goldstone Ball

Hematite Ball

Howlite Ball

Jade Ball

Yellow Jade Ball

Jasper Ball

Ocean Jasper Ball

Picasso Jasper Ball

Labradorite Ball

Lapis Lazuli Ball

Malachite Ball

Moonstone Ball

Onyx Ball

Gold Sheen Obsidian Ball

Rainbow Obsidian Ball

Snowflake Obsidian Ball

Pietersite Ball

Rhodonite Ball

Rhyolite Ball

Rose Quartz Ball

Serpentine (New Jade) Ball

Selenite Ball

Silicon (Red) Ball

Smokey Quartz Ball

Sodalite Ball

Spinel Ball

Sunstone Ball

Tiger Eye Ball

Tiger Iron Ball

Black Tourmaline Ball

Turquoise Ball

Unakite Ball

Display Stands

Collect Gemstone Marbles!

These marbles are made from genuine gemstones and vary in size from 20-25mm (.8 inch), or Jumbo 30mm (1.2 inches). Collect them for fun, for their beauty and for their wonderful energies! Marbles make an excellent gift to introduce a child to the wonderful world of gemstones. Read crystal and gemstone sphere meanings.


Amethyst Marble

Enlightenment (20mm)


Fancy Jasper Marble

Grounding (20mm)


Crystal Marble

Energy cleanser


Sedona Marble

Enlightenment, Balance (11 - 15mm)


Snowflake Obsidian Marble

Purity (25 - 30mm)


Picture Jasper Marble

Harmony (20mm)


Selenite Marble

Serenity (18-20mm)


Opalite Marble

Soothing (25mm)


Marble Pouches

Protect and store your marbles

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Dacite Marble

Harmony, Play (20mm)




No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.