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      Blue Calcite Ball

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Blue Calcite
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calcite ball
Blue Calcite

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Pale Blue and White


Power, Healing

Blue Calcite Ball

Blue Calcite is one of the most soothing stones emotionally. It is a gentle stone that offers protection to emotionally sensitive people from overwhelming communications and thoughts from others. Wrap yourself in the gentle cocoon of soft blue calcite to assist with:

  • Astral travel
  • Meditation
  • Enhance your dream life and the ability to recall your dreams
  • To screen out negative energies from an exterior source

Blue Calcite increases your creativity and insight.

It opens a path for access to your deepest consciousness, from which many creative ideas emerge. It also opens and heals the throat chakra which is your communication center. Blue calcite will increase your ability to express creative ideas in music, art or writing.


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