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gemstones and crystals

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      Sphere and Egg Stands

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Gemstone Spheres

Gemstone Eggs

Sphere and Egg Display Stands

(spheres sold separately)

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Lucite Stand
Rainbow Lucite Stand

click photo $12.00

metal stand
Gold or Silver Metal Stand

click photo $6.00

Gemstone Donut Stand
Gemstone Donut Stand

asstd gemtstones - click photo $1.75

Pewter Leaf Stand
Selenite Disk Stand

selenite - click photo $39.00

Pillow Stand
Velvet Pillow Stand

velvet - click photo $12.75

Polished Wood Ring Stand
Wrought Iron Scroll Stand

metal - click photo $6.00

Gemstone Donut Stand
Onyx Stand

onyx - click photo $5.00

wood stand

click photo $3.00

Wood Barrell Stand
Wood Barrell Stand

wood - click photo $6.00

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