Geometry Shapes: Crystal Feng Shui Hanging



Natural Quartz Crystal Feng Shui Shapes

Crystals are commonly used in Feng Shui to attract positive, healthy energy and focus it into any part of your home. These prismatic crystals are natural quartz crystal, they reflect and split light into rainbows that create a balanced and harmonious energy.

Feng Shui Guidelines:

  • Place or hang in the SW corner of your bedroom for happiness in relationships with loved ones
  • Place or hang at the living room window for harmony with all who live there

Crystals used in Feng Shui are believed to create family harmony and happiness.

They reflect the bad chi (energy) and attract the good chi. Place these faceted crystals in the windows, doorways and passageways of your environment to clean the ‘shar chi’ (negative energy).

Teardrop crystals symbolize the end of tears and beginning of joy and happiness.

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Large approx. 3" tallSmall approx. 1 3/4" tall


Natural Clear Crystal Quartz