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      Buffalo totem - symbol of abundance and fertility

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Tiger Eye BUFFALO $19.98

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Buffalo symbol

Tiger Eye Buffalo
2 1/4" long

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2 1/4" long


Abundance and fertility

Totem Lesson:

Confidence to achieve goals

Buffalo: symbol of abundance and fertility

The American Buffalo or Bison is the most revered animal by the Native Americans. There are many legends of marriage between humans and buffalo. Most cultures have a bull that is revered. There are wonderful cave painting of buffalo and bulls. The Egyptians had Apis, the bull god. Mithraism had a bull as part of the Great Mystery. There is the Minotaur and bull dance of Crete.

As a totem the Buffalo will bring confidence to achieve goals. The Buffalo comes to those of independent spirit and a connection to Mother Earth. The Buffalo will only come to you if you are already on the right path.

The Buffalo is a powerful symbol of abundance and fertility. The Bull is associated with Taurus.

If you were born between Dec 22 - Mar 20, the Buffalo is your Native American Directional Birth Totem.


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