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      Raven totem - symbol of magic, shapeshifting, creation

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

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Black Onyx Raven
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2" tall


Magic, Creation

Totem Lesson:

shapeshift your life, give form to your dreams, enjoy the magic of life without fear

Raven: symbol of magic, mysticism, shapeshifting, creation

The Raven is very good at vocalizing and can be taught to speak. They often mimic the calls of other species. Raven as a totem teaches us to understand the language of other animals.

These birds are excellent at finding and using tools such as sticks or stones to help them to crack nuts, etc. They are also playful and very fast. Raven teaches us to dive into the magic of life without fear.

The Raven has a long history of connection with magic, creative life force and mysticism. It speaks of messages from the spirit realm and teaches how to bring light from the darkness. Learn from raven how to take that which is unformed in your life and transform it to your goals and desires.



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