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The dark purple crystal meaning is royalty, luxury, and power. This is because, in ancient times, purple dye was costly and challenging to produce, so only royalty and wealthy individuals could afford to wear it. Purple is also often associated with spirituality, creativity, and magic. In many cultures, purple has been used to represent the divine or the sacred, and it is often associated with meditation, introspection, and inner wisdom. Additionally, purple is sometimes used to symbolize mystery and ambiguity and convey a sense of sophistication, elegance, and refinement.

purple meaning

Influences of Purple Color on Personality

The color purple has been associated with various meanings and influences on personality. Here are some of the influences of the color purple on personality:


Purple is often associated with creativity, as it is a color that stimulates the imagination and encourages new ideas.


Purple is associated with spirituality, mysticism, and higher consciousness. It is often used in meditation and spiritual practices.

Royalty and Luxury

Purple has historically been associated with royalty and luxury. It can influence personality traits such as elegance, sophistication, and a sense of entitlement.


Purple is also associated with introspection, as it encourages self-reflection and inner awareness.


The color purple is often associated with sensitivity and empathy. It can evoke feelings of compassion, kindness, and understanding.


Purple is also associated with independence and individuality. It encourages people to be true to themselves and embrace their uniqueness.


Finally, purple is often associated with calmness and relaxation. It can help to soothe and calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety.

Overall, the influences of purple on personality are diverse and multifaceted. Purple can evoke many emotions, behaviors, and traits depending on the individual.

What is the Purple Color’s Energy?

Purple is often associated with creativity, intuition, spirituality, and transformation. It is also thought to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body and is often used in meditation and relaxation practices.

Regarding energy, purple is associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head and spiritual connection and enlightenment. The crown chakra is believed to be the center of spiritual consciousness and the gateway to higher awareness and understanding.

Some people believe that wearing or surrounding oneself with the color purple can help to enhance creativity, intuition, and spiritual awareness and promote feelings of peace and serenity. However, it is essential to note that the effects of color on energy and emotions can vary from person to person and are influenced by various factors, such as personal beliefs and experiences.

Purple Gemstones Names

Purple gemstones can vary widely in their specific properties, depending on the particular type of gemstone. However, some general properties may be associated with purple gemstones:

  • As the purple stone name suggests, these gemstones are characterized by a rich, vibrant purple color. The exact shade of purple can vary from deep, dark hues to lighter, more pastel tones.
  • Purple crystals are relatively rugged and durable, making them suitable for jewelry and other decorative objects. For example, Amethyst has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, while Sapphire (which can come in shades of purple) has a hardness of 9.
  • Some purple gemstones are rare and valuable due to their scarcity or difficulty obtaining them. For example, purple diamonds are among the world’s rarest and most expensive gemstones.
  • Purple is often associated with spirituality, mysticism, and intuition. As a result, many purple gemstones have metaphysical properties that can enhance spiritual awareness and insight.
  • In some cultures, purple crystals show royalty, wealth, and nobility. As a result, purple gemstones may be seen as symbols of status, prestige, and power.
  • Many purple gemstones include Amethyst, Sapphire, Spinel, Topaz, and Tourmaline.

Different gemstones have unique properties and characteristics. Below are purple crystal meanings and uses chart to describe the characteristics of each.


Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that ranges from pale lavender to deep violet. It is often associated with spiritual and healing properties and is believed to enhance intuition, calm the mind, and promote inner peace. Amethyst is also associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius and February.

The word Amethyst has deep connections with the Greek word amythystos. The Greeks believed that keeping this gemstone keeps you away from evil spirits and negative energies. Its properties are:

  • It is the stone of St. Valentine
  • Has third eye and crown chakra healing
  • Stands for protection, purification, and manifestation


Fluorite is a multi-colored gemstone that can come in shades including purple, green, blue, and yellow. The purple variety is often called “purple fluorite” or “fluorite amethyst.” Fluorite is associated with mental clarity, focus, and concentration and is believed to help with decision-making and problem-solving. It is also associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces and March. It can keep you calm during the stressful period by increasing serenity and mental strength. The properties of this gemstone are:

  • Referred to as genius stone
  • Has the power to heal the third eye chakra
  • Symbolizes aura cleansing, truth, and consciousness


Sugilite is a deep purple gemstone often associated with spiritual and healing properties. It enhances spiritual awareness and intuition and promotes inner peace and harmony. Sugilite is also associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo and September. Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi discovered this gemstone in 1944. Therefore, it is named after him. Sometimes, it has white streaks that enhance its visual beauty. Sugilite has the following properties:

  • Available in Royal Azel or Purple Turquoise
  • Stands for awareness, spirituality, and self-love
  • Connects to heart, third eye chakra, and crown chakra


Lepidolite is a lavender to purple-colored gemstone that stands for emotional healing and balance. It is believed to help with anxiety, stress, and depression and is also associated with spiritual growth and insight. Lepidolite is also associated with the zodiac sign of Libra and October. It is the most significant source of harmonizing all emotions giving peace of mind. Lepidolite has the following characteristics:

  • Called the stone of transition
  • Connections with heart, third eye chakra, and crown chakra
  • Controls awareness, emotional balance, and meditation


Charoite is a rare purple gemstone found only in Russia. It is often associated with spiritual transformation and evolution and is believed to help with personal growth and development. Charoite is also associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and December. Charoite is the perfect blend of violet, blush, and lilac hues. It frees the owner from negative emotions and boosts confidence and compassion. The main characteristics of it are:

  • Called lilac stone and stone of transformation
  • Connects to Heart, third eye chakra, and crown chakra
  • Stands for spiritual awakening, unconditional love, and transformation


Purpurite is a deep purple gemstone often associated with creativity and self-expression. It is believed to help inspire and motivate and promote inner peace and harmony. Purpurite is also associated with the zodiac sign of Aries and March.

Namibia is the largest producer of this gemstone. People prefer using purpurite for rings because of their low hardness. Its characteristics are:

  • Low hardness as compared to other gemstones
  • Promotes inner peace and boosts motivation
  • Connections with Hear, eye chakra, and crown chakra


Stichtite is a lavender to purple-colored gemstone that symbolizes emotional healing and forgiveness. It is believed to help release emotional baggage and promote self-love and acceptance. Stichtite is also associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio and November. It is too much soft and can get scratched easily. Research proves that Stichtite is useful in medicines for crystal healing and meditation. The main characteristics include:

  • Softness, unique color, and texture
  • Connects to Heart, eye chakra, and crown chakra
  • Promotes emotional healing, forgiveness, and compassion

Tips on How to Wear Jewelry with Purple Gems

Wearing jewelry with purple gemstones can be a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit and show off your style. Here are some tips on how to wear jewelry with purple gems:

Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of jewelry with purple stone and crystal meanings with pictures. For example, you could wear a purple gemstone necklace with a pair of purple gemstone earrings or a purple gemstone ring.

Consider your skin tone

When choosing jewelry with purple gems, consider your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, opt for purple gemstones with blue or pink undertones, such as amethyst or lavender spinel. If you have warm undertones, opt for purple gemstones with red or yellow undertones, such as purple sapphire or garnet.

Pair with complementary colors

Purple crystals pair well with many other colors, such as green, blue, and yellow. Consider pairing your purple gemstone jewelry with complementary colors to create a cohesive and eye-catching look.

Wear simple

Keep the rest of your jewelry simple if you wear a statement piece with purple gemstones, such as a necklace or bracelet. Opt for understated earrings and rings to avoid overwhelming your look.

Dress up or down

Purple gemstone jewelry can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair a simple amethyst pendant with a casual outfit for a daytime look, or wear a bold purple gemstone cocktail ring to a formal event.

Chakra Associated with Violet

The chakra associated with violet is the crown chakra, also known as Sahasrara. The crown chakra is at the top of the head and is associated with spiritual connection, enlightenment, and awareness. It is often associated with the color violet or white and is believed to govern the brain’s higher functions and the nervous system. When the crown chakra is balanced and open, a person may feel connected to the divine or a higher power and experience peace, clarity, and understanding. On the other hand, when the crown chakra is blocked or imbalanced, a person may experience feelings of confusion, disconnection, or lack of purpose. Balancing the crown chakra through meditation, energy work, or other spiritual practices may help to promote spiritual growth, awareness, and connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do Purple Stones and Crystals Mean?

Purple crystals are associated with spiritual awareness and consciousness of the mind. These are also a symbol of power and wisdom. A person wearing these may notice spiritual growth and development.

Which Purple Crystals are Third Eye Stones?

Many purple stones and crystals have intense energy to stimulate the third eye chakra. Some are Purple Fluorite, Tiffany Stone, Amethyst, Lavender Smithsonite, Stichtite, and Hackmanite.

Why Do People Use Purple Crystals?

Mostly, people use these gemstones for stress relief. Many crystals boost energy to assist in managing tense situations.

What Other Types of Crystals Work Well with Purple Crystals?

Purple crystals and stones always work well with those stones that connect with Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra to boost spirituality.

How to Use Purple Gemstones?

One of the best ways to use purple gemstones is to wear jewelry having purple crystals or keep themselves close to your body. These crystals work with vibration energy. Keeping them intact with skin gives them unmatched power.

Bottom Line

After reading the details of the above purple crystals and their meanings, we can say that these gemstones are the need of the day if you want your life filled with love and happiness. If we study purple stones and crystals meanings with pictures we can say that these are nature’s magic kept saved from centuries. From dreamy dark to celestite lilac, these gemstones are the most beautiful on Earth and positively impact your personality. These crystals give you immense power, boost your energy, impact your mood, and keep intact with heart, eye chakra, and crown chakra. Choosing the one that suits your personality and matches your thoughts is now easier because we have elaborated on the characteristics of each crystal.

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