The Lucky Elephant

The Lucky Elephant

Every home should have at least one lucky elephant for every door in the house. Keep all the bad luck out and
make sure the good luck stays in the house with the people who live there. The elephant is probably the most positive
animal symbol known.

The idea of the luck of the elephant is ancient. There are tales of lucky elephants in China, India and most
of Asia and Africa. Even the early Christians took the elephant as a symbol of victory over death.

In parts of Asia and India only kings could ride an elephant. The elephant is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence
and strength in many countries.

The elephant is known to bring happiness into the home. Gamblers often carry a small elephant in the left pocket.

I have an elephant close to every door in my house. There are a few very large windows in my house that I also
have an elephant on the windowsill or close to it. It doesn’t matter if the elephant is small or large – the luck
is still there.

Place a lucky elephant at each door in your home – for good luck and positive protective


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