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      New Years Resolutions - making them really happen

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Six steps to success with your New Year's resolutions!

A newborn baby, freshly fallen snow, a blank diary -

There is something wonderful about things that are new. They hold the promise of a fresh start, adventure, the hope of endless possibilities.

The New Year especially brings about this feeling...

The Seasons go round and round

Because our planet has made one more revolution around its sun, we celebrate the moment with fireworks, champagne, kissing strangers - and lots of resolutions! We believe the passing of one tick of the clock at midnight is THE magical moment when we get to start anew.

There is a song by Joni Mitchell that I believe imparts a good lesson about this. It is titled "The Circle Game" and goes like this…

So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty
Though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true
There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty
Before the last revolving year is through.

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return, we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

The secret to making your dreams come true...

While I am a big fan of fresh starts, I think many people too often forget to "look behind from where they came" when embarking on New Year's resolutions. And I believe this is one cause of our "dreams losing grandeur coming true."

So, this year, I invite you to try something really new - when formulating your plans and goals for the New Year, take a moment to assess the old years (plural). To really achieve your new goals, you need to recognize that you are in a bigger cycle that includes your whole life - and that is the continuation of the fresh start you got when you were born!

Taking stock in what you left behind

Isolate what is really important for you to accomplish in the coming year. Find the things you have accomplished in the past that are meaningful to you in making a good life of your time on this earth.

  • Contemplate the successes you have enjoyed in the past - are they completed to your satisfaction - or would you like to achieve more along the same route?

  • Are there childhood dreams that you have discarded? Childhood hopes and dreams are often most closely associated with your actual purpose in life.

  • Have you made mistakes that you feel need atonement? These would be big or small things that you have done to others that bother you occasionally and will hinder your overall progress.

Hatching Your Eggs

Since I am a lover of gemstones, and use their energy to assist my goals and intentions, I like to use a gemstone egg (symbol of rebirth), gemstone ball, pyramid or stone and do the following any time I feel the need for a 'fresh start'. You can do this with tumbled stones, or gemstone balls or gemstone pyramids. I use an egg because it symbolizes rebirth, rejuvenation and growth, but you can use any form of the stone to get the same properties:

  1. Choose a gemstone egg (or sphere, stone or cluster) that appeals to you for the type of fresh start you want:

    One stone, egg or sphere for each type of goal.

  2. Review the good things you have done in the past and isolate what you did that made that happen. For example, if you want a fresh start with money, you might notice that when you exercised discipline on your budget, this resulted in more money in the bank. On a piece of paper, write "Keep to a budget".

  3. Look for major changes over your lifetime: Perhaps once you left a job that was making you unhappy, and it opened the door to a new job with less money, but much more happiness.

    With this happiness, you were probably able to control your budget (in the old job you were buying things to make up for unhappiness!) Overall, you actually had more money in the new job that pays less but makes you happier! Write on a piece of paper "Joy in work brings me abundance".

  4. Make reparation for past transgressions. Perhaps you feel a twinge of regret when you look back on some aspect of money. For example, a dear friend needed money once but you thought he was irresponsible and that he would never repay it, so failed to help a friend in need. You have been stingy and judgmental.

    In order to make reparation, you might make a gift of money to that person, or to someone else in need, or even to a stranger. Write on a piece of paper "Be generous"; and another "Be tolerant"

  5. Wake up! Look back from where you came by recalling a childhood dream of any kind. Perhaps you wanted to be a nurse when you were a child. Maybe now it's too late to go to nursing school and you are happy in your current job. Volunteering a few hours a week at a Rest Home can enable you to experience the essence of that childhood dream. You will be surprised at the doors that open when you revitalize a childhood dream! Write on a piece of paper "Nurse someone".

  6. Now take all the pieces of paper and wrap them with the egg, stone or ball in a colored silk cloth. Put these away in a safe place. In a few months, take them out and review your progress. You can add or change the notes to yourself as applicable.

If you do the things you write, little by little your eggs will hatch, bringing new life to your goals and dreams!

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