Crystal Wealth Stone

Crystal Wealth Stone

Carry this stone with you to promote prosperity and wealth.

Write on the candle the letters N for north, E for east, S for south and W for west. Now write a dollar sign above each of the letters. Light the candle and dedicate it to your favorite god or goddess of wealth such as Anu, Juno, Demeter, etc. Using the candle flame, now light the smudge stick. Pass the crystal over the smoke as you extinguish completely the smudge stick.

Hold the crystal in your power hand, and merge with the God or Goddess. Close your eyes and center yourself. Imagine breathing in bright, emerald green light and breathing out residue tension and unwanted energies. Now imagine breathing bright green light into the crystal you are holding in your hand. Visualize money and cash filling the crystal. See it getting larger and larger, completely overflowing with money. Next, see your bank account getting bigger and bigger just like the crystal. Say:

Magical stone bring to me

by earth, air, fire and sea

bountiful wealth and prosperity

By the god (or goddess) blessd be!

Keep your Crystal Wealth Stone in your pocket or purse. You can recharge it as often as you like by holding it in your power hand and repeating the words above.

For this spell, you need:

  • A green candle
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Smudge stick
  • Quartz crystal


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