Sample dream consultation

Sample dream consultation

This dream was submitted on August 24, 2004.

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It was after midnite and my friend called me on the phone and asked me to meet her for a coffee. (we do this often). I said yes, and we

decided to meet at the Cahuenga Restaurant (there is no such restaurant).

The place was located in the Hollywood Hills while also being in the

middle of the 134 freeway. I had to be very careful in getting to our

table because I was literally in the middle of traffic whizzing by all

around me. There were tiny little bar-style round tables in very skinny

aisles and I had to walk sideways in order to not get hit by a car

getting to our table.

I met my friend there and my cell phone rang. It was (former husband’s name)/(current husband’s name). I have had recurring

dreams for the past 10 years where (current husband) is really (former husband) and vice versa. My former husband died in a very deteriorated mental condition some years ago.

Anyway, he called and accused me of meeting with a man

and was upset that I was out so late at nite. I told him I was coming

right home and pleaded with him to just stay put until I got there. He was

completely insane (this husband eventually died with dementia).

The dream had 2 very severe emotions: 1. I was so depressed that insane

(former husband) was back in my life and that I was still his wife.

2. I was very frightened to be out so late at nite on the ‘freeway cafe’ –

it felt very very dangerous.

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for submitting this very interesting dream.

This dream is putting you back in time to when you were with your first husband. The Hollywood hills links up to when you were married to him. In the dream you are having coffee with a friend and simultaneously in the middle of the freeway, a very dangerous place to be. You were in danger at the end of that relationship and had to step very carefully in order to avoid being physically hurt. He accuses you of actions for which you are not guilty, but you still try to appease him for fear of his repercussions.

The depression indicates the depth of terrible feelings that you suffered while being in such a relationship and the fear of ever being trapped in that way again. You have to step very carefully (around the tables) to not get hurt in the present or future with relationships.

The fact that your former husband and current husband interchange in your dreams, indicates that the trauma from the former marriage has not left your unconscious and on a deep seated emotional level you are not able to completely trust in your current relationship.

The first step in resolving these unconscious fears is to recognize what your dream is telling you. Then move forward with the knowledge that each relationship is as unique as a fingerprint. There are no two alike. Focus on the present and create the marriage that is full of the trust and joy that you deserve.

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for the concise explanation of my dream. I think you have pointed out a very pertinent point regarding the interchange of the 2 husbands in my dreams. Your analysis helped me to see that perceived dangers are not current or real, and that the danger from the time period with my first husband is is no longer present. This opens the door for me to truly move on with my life.

– Anonymous

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