Samhain Magic Spell

Samhain Remembrance Ritual

Traditionally, Samhain is the most magical time of the year.

It is a time when the veil that separates us from the Other World is at its thinnest. It is a time to celebrate Past,

Present and Future.

I have written a spell for use on this special day. You may want to use it to honor loved ones who have passed away, or to celebrate the union of past, present and future.


Remembrance Ritual Stones

7 gemstones in silk bag – $14.99

Includes: Crystal, Turquoise, Red Coral (3), Moonstone, Citrine and a silk amulet bag

The items you will need are:

  • The Bag of Samhain Gemstones:
    • Crystal for light
    • Turquoise for infinity
    • Red Coral (3) for life and form – past, present, future
    • Citrine for the golden ray of sun
    • Moonstone for the light of the moon
  • A glass with a little red wine or juice
  • A plate of simple food (bread, fruit)
  • One black candle and matches

Do this ritual on October 31. Bathe before the ritual and wear clean clothes. Ensure that you cleanse the stones

of all unwanted energies.

Prepare your altar:

Put all the items on your clean altar. Put the black candle in a brass or silver candle holder, have the matches

close by. Place the candle in the center of the altar. Arrange the stones in a circle around the candle. Place

the wine and plate of food to the right outside the circle of stones.

You may place photos of loved ones who have passed away on the altar if you want to honor them in this ritual.

Flowers, greenery or a small pumpkin can also be used to give a festive feeling to your altar.

When everything is arranged take a moment of silence to ready yourself. Light your candle and while doing so,

ask for Blessings from your favorite Celtic God or Goddess:

“Goddess, I ask for your blessings,

Lift shadows dark; remove the veil

that distance separates no more

and loved ones hear our whispered hail

beyond the daylight’s opened door

Now pick up the crystal stone and pass it over the fire, saying:

Reveal the mystery; sight unblind

what once was lost we now shall find

in purity of heart we ask

for meeting in our joyous task

Place the crystal back on the altar. Next, pass the turquoise over the fire, saying:

The daylight’s heaven domed azure

brings comfort warmth and solace sure

but in its raiment blue we see

the measure of infinity

Place the turquoise back on the altar.

Next pass each piece of coral (one by one) over the fire. Sipping from your glass of wine or juice, make a toast to the past, present and future souls with each coral.

Make a toast to the souls who have passed with the first piece of coral by saying:

What once upon the seas was cast

submerges to the shadowed past

but drinking from the cup explains

that all that was, now still remains!

Toast the souls of the present with the second coral, saying:

In life is change and spirits grow

what once was sown now learns to sow

our eyes shall wonder; voices cherish

hands may build what cannot perish!

Make a toast to those yet unborn with the third coral, saying:

What’s been before remains unbending

while life unfurling toils unending

perfection is a song unsung

the hope remains what’s yet to come!

Now pick up the citrine, and pass it over the fire, saying:

In golden warmth we touch the sun

a wealth unearthly makes us one

let earth and fire join our flow

united now within the glow!

Next pick up the moonstone, and pass it over the fire, saying:

Our sister moon presents reflection,

on mysteries hidden to inspection

A vantage to the world unseen

Her gift a mirror in between!

Allow the candle to safely burn down during the night. The following morning, the food and drink can be returned to the earth as an offering to the God or Goddess. As you do so, say:

I make this offering to (Goddess name)

For blessings, guidance and protection

now and forevermore.

Keep your Samhain gemstones in a place of honor where they will be undisturbed. Use them again next year, but be sure to clean them of energies before the next ritual use.

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