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      Native American Birth Totem: Ripe Berries Moon

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Ripe Berries Moon: Jul 22 - Aug 21

Jul 22 - Aug 21
  • Birth Moon: Ripe Berries
  • Animal Totem: Sturgeon
  • Mineral Totem: Garnet & Iron
  • Plant Totem: Raspberry
  • Directional Totem: Coyote
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Thunderbird
  • Affinity Color: Red
  • Personality Traits: confident, authoritative, energetic, self-assertive, dramatic, fastidious, generous, trusting, optimistic

fish totem

Coyote totem



The sturgeon is a symbol of strength and longevity to Native Americans. Like salmon, sturgeons swim upstream to get to their spawning grounds. So sturgeon have the strength to swim against the current and the ability to survive despite hard times, and so too do those whose birth totem is Sturgeon.

Sturgeon (and Salmon) are very graceful swimmers, causing very little disturbance as they move through the water. Water is the element of the emotions, and so it is one of Sturgeon people's life tasks to learn to master their emotions and to swim gracefully through their lives causing little friction or disturbance.

Sturgeon people can be resistant to change which can cause them a great amount of emotional upset. Demands that are put on them by others can also be a source of emotional upset and a lot of stress for Sturgeon people.

Garnet & Iron:

Garnet and Iron are the mineral totems for the Ripe Berries Moon. Both are good for the blood and the heart. The heart is the center of the emotions, and Garnet can enable one's emotions to flow freely.

It can also be of aid in getting to the heart of a matter. Iron can help you to temper your emotions as you go through life's experiences. It can also give you the strength and hardness to be able to say no when it is needed.

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