Personal Prosperity Reading

Do you have the level of prosperity that you desire?

Whether you are starting a new career, or trying to improve your current lifestyle, a personal prosperity quest map can help you to make the decisions that will help you to attain your financial goals.

Use the energy around you to walk a prosperous path

Send your specific question to Catherine. Within 48 hours, you will receive a personal Prosperity Quest Map tailored to YOU! Included in the reading are:

  • The color energy that surrounds your financial life now and what this means
  • The health and balance of your colors
  • Colors that are depleted
  • The Element (earth, wind, fire, water) connected to your colors
  • The rune that applies to your question
  • Challenges you face or will face regarding your career, money profile, etc.
  • Three money gemstones that you can use to encourage more prosperity
  • A personal affirmation or ritual you can use to encourage a desired outcome to your question

Calya is a published author with 30 years of experience in Holistic Healing and Crystal work. She has developed a system based on universal codes for determining the answers to your questions about life, love, money, career.

Financial reading

Get your personal
Prosperity Quest Map

by Calya, author of
Calya Journey-Wise

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