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      Coyote - symbol of Cunning, Cleverness

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

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2" tall

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carved from natural gemstones


Cleverness, Cunning

Totem Lesson:

Protection, Free oneself from traps

Rainbow Jasper $19.98

Rainbow Jasper
2" tall

Obsidian $19.98

2" tall

Coyote: symbol of Cunning, Cleverness, negotiating difficult situations

There are many stories about the Coyote as being a trickster. Don't let that fool you, because Coyote protects the home and the people in it from foolishness. Living in hills or underground dens, Coyotes always make sure the family is fully protected. He helps to keep the family close.

Learn from coyote in negotiating a difficult situations. He can help you to discover a trap that you are caught in, or show you you how you might be fooling yourself.

If you are in a relationship where you think you may be fooling yourself, use the coyote to help see the truth of the matter and release yourself from the trap.


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