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Dedicating Stones and Crystals for the Highest Good

Whenever you receive a new stone or crystal, the first thing you should do is cleanse the gemstone's energy. After cleansing, the next step is to dedicate your stone or crystal.

Dedicating a stone or crystal involves nothing more than making it known that only the most positive energy may flow through the crystal, and that it will be used only for the highest good of all concerned. Dedication focuses this intention into the crystal, which helps guard against negative energy clinging onto your stone.

Stones and crystals absorb and neutralize negative energy, and then transmute it into positive energy before releasing it. Sometimes, however, negative energy can attach to the crystals and stones which can cause the stone's programming to become ineffective. It is also possible for the negative energy that is attached to a stone to be transmitted to the stone's user. Dedicating a stone to a high-level healing energy protects the stone's energy from being interfered with or negatively influenced.

To dedicate your stone or crystal:

Sit down in a quiet place with your stone or crystal cupped in your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, taking deep, slow, regular breaths. Center your inner energy on your purpose and allow your attention to follow. Now focus on your crystal and sense its energy. Visualize a ray of pure white light beaming down from the Cosmos and surrounding your crystal. Visualize also the golden grounding energy of the Earth surrounding your crystal as well. Visualize the two lights swirling around each other. Feel the Light of the Cosmos and the energy of the Earth co-mingling, harmonizing, and balancing each other.

Feel yourself filling up with a sense of love and positive energy, and direct this energy out from yourself and into your stone. Make a statement (a dedication) in your mind that the crystal will only be used for the highest good. Now open your eyes and gaze at your stone for awhile, keeping your mind focused on that intent. In your mind, direct that intention into your stone. Then end your sensing with "Let it be so".

You may also wish to dedicate your stone to a specific entity, such as a healing goddess (f.e., Isis, Diana, White Buffalo Calf Woman) or a goddess of protection (f.e., Hecate, Kali). Stones may also be dedicated to an entity that protects and guides you, such as a saint, your guardian angel, your spirit guide, your totem animal, or the Great Spirit.

Once the dedication is finished, you can move directly onto the next step, which is to program the stone.

Dedicating a stone is a very quick and simple process, and doing so can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your crystal, as well as your crystal's effect on you.

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