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Feng Shui Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient method of using the forces of nature to improve the various parts of your life. It will assist you in creating the most positive atmosphere possible in which you can succeed.

Feng shui was first was practiced in China 1600 years or more ago. Feng shui is a way of living in harmony with nature. Feng shui is different for each person, just as each person is different from all other people. In a perfect world every person would live in the correct country for him, in the perfect house for her, with the entirety right furniture for all. We do not have that perfect world.

Feng shui comes to our aid to teach us how to overcome this less than perfect world. When we learn to live more in harmony with nature, then all aspects of life become more balanced. Health can become better. Money is more abundant. Relationships are much more pleasant. The universal life force is that which moves around all things and living beings. The energy can be positive, negative or benign. It is possible to influence the energy around us to become more positive and balanced to create a better life.

The beginnings of feng shui were to find the best place to live. A place where the home was protected from cold winds and there was fresh water for the family. A place where people and nature would be comfortable with each other, a place where there was harmony. Feng shui is the art of finding a place where the needs of the people and the needs of the environment are balanced. The basis of feng shui is to find a place where the energy could flow freely with a positive force.

Universal Life Force

That was the beginnings of feng shui to influence the universal life force and to build our house where the most positive energy will flow in the home. Of course, we all don't have the luxury to build our own home. We usually can arrange the furniture in our home to be more attuned with the positive energy. Changing the colors in some of the rooms or using more wood or metal helps to balance harmony and influence the universal life force.

Feng shui also has a very common sense outlook about getting rid of clutter. If you are not using it, get rid of it. Give it away or put it in the trash. Keep all rooms free of unneeded items. Clean out closets, attics, garages and basements. Let the universal life force flow in and out of the house. What we often cannot do is move walls or doors to help the energy to be positive. There are things that can be done for that door that is on the wrong wall or the window that has a bad view. Some of the things that can help in many cases are a living plant, a mirror, wind chimes or a crystal.

Quartz Crystal and Feng Shui

Quartz crystal is a very powerful energy activator. The energy of the quartz crystal can be amplified by a person's thoughts and feelings. Placing a crystal in the corner of a room will encourage the universal life force to flow through the room freely. If the energy does not flow freely in a room it can affect health, thoughts and abundance of wealth. This is also true in a business or home office.

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