Beltain abundance spell

Beltaine Abundance

and Good Luck Spell

Items needed:

  • 2 agates

  • 1 aventurine

  • 1 smokey quartz

  • 1 rose quartz

  • small bag

  • 3 yellow flowers (any kind

    of flower, but must be real,
    no silk flowers)

  • Rose incense

  • 1 glass of wine or grape or apple juice

Beltaine Spell Kit

Includes: 2 agates, 1 aventurine, 1 smokey quartz, 1 rose quartz, amulet bag


  1. Prepare your altar, by cleaning it of everything. Have all the item close to the altar.
  2. Place the Rose incense in an incense burner and light it.
  3. When you see smoke rise, say:

    Scent of happiness

    Surround my being

    Scent of harmony

    Success bring to my life

  4. Take the 5 gemstones and pass them one at a time in the smoke and after the spoken spell put them

    in a circle around the burner. After each spoken spell have a sip of wine or juice.

    With the agate say:

    Agate protect this house

    With Aventurine say:

    Aventurine bring lucky chance to me

    With Smokey quartz say:

    Smokey quartz let only joy enter my heart

    With Rose quartz say:

    Rose quartz let love be my guide

    With second agate say:

    Agate protect my being

  5. Take the 3 yellow flowers and as you pass each over the incense say:

    Three times the abundance of Earth is mine

  6. Put a drop of wine or juice on each flower and leave them on the altar until they are very wilted,

    then discard them. Have a rest and enjoy the rest of your wine or juice.

  7. Now gather the stones.
  8. The first agate should be placed in the east corner of your home.
  9. Keep all the other stones in the bag. You may carry the bag with you or put it in a safe place.
  10. Take the stones out of the bag on the first day of every month until next May and repeat the spell

    for each stone.

  11. Leave the agate in the east corner until next April 31.

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