Custom Men’s Labrys Necklace 472


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Men’s Labrys Necklace

Labrys is the name of a doubleheaded axe originally from Greece and represents one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization and is still used as a tool today. The Labrys has a lot of history and mythogy connected with it. According to greek mythogy the labrys was used to cut open the head of Zeus to free the godess Athena. Apparently, Zues swallowed the pregnant mother of Athena to prevent her offspring from dethroning him.

In Yorùbá mythology, the oshe (double-headed axe) symbolizes Shango, the god of thunder and lightning. It is said to represent swift and balanced justice. Shango altars often contain a carved figure of a woman holding a gift to the god with a double-bladed axe sticking up from her head.

This unique necklace is made with hematite, real lava beads and snowflake obsidian with a Labrys pendant. This necklace represents power and strength as well as freedom from oppression and negativity in one’s life.