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Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

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The Chakra Bible

by Patricia Mercier

This comprehensive introduction to chakras features all of the seven major energy centers of the body, their function, and the ideal way to heal and balance them.

Comprehensive, authoritative and accessible, this book is the first complete guide to chakras that is suitable for everyone from the first-timer to the more advanced. The Chakra Bible is a guide to understanding every aspect of chakras, the centers of energy in our body that have a profound effect on energy, health and well-being.

The book features a detailed guide to each of the chakras, their associated color, Indian deity, healing stone and emotional and physical actions. It also includes step-by-step yoga exercises and meditations to strengthen and heal each chakra and features a guide to aura reading and healing, closely connected with chakras. This is a 399 page paperback book filled with beautiful illustrations and photographs to support the knowledge you obtain.

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