Feng Shui in a Day


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Feng Shui in a Day

by Barb Rogers

Feng Shui in a Day is a pocket sized, elegant guide to applying some of the most basic concepts of Feng Shui to one’s life immediately. Barb Rogers lays out the fundamentals of Feng Shui in a hands-on, room by room exploration of one’s own home.

In this book Barb Rogers explains the basic concepts of Chi, and how one can encourage a healthy flow of it throughout the home, enhancing many aspects of one’s life such as money matters, love and relationships, and creativity. Full of useful information, Feng Shui in a Day offers clear and down to earth descriptions of the different elements, and how they correspond to the 8 directions , colors and symbols. Within an hour, you can begin experimenting with Feng Shui practices in your own home!

This book is a compact size for easy carrying and reference…soft cover, 113 pages

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