Book Sun Signs and Soul Mates


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Book Sun Signs and Soul Mates

by Linda George

Would you like to understand your spouse or partner better? Relate to your loved ones on a much deeper and more compassionate level, and ultimately discover your soul’s evolutionary path? Astrology can help you achieve all of this and more by revealing your true nature.

This fascinating astrology book will take you on an inspiring journey through the twelve Sun signs from the perspective of the heart. Explore the lighter and darker sides of each Sun sign. Learn about the astrological compatibility for each pairing, and get entertaining and insightful relationship clues for each sign, from unique strengths and challenges to personality traits and behavioral quirks. This friendly book will help you reconnect with your inner Sun to create a richer, more fulfilling lifeand get you in touch with the inner life of your partner, creating a more harmonious relationship.

Paperback, 213 pages.

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