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      Fluorite crystal point

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Rainbow Fluorite 3.5"-4.5" $65.99

Fluorite crystal point
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal
Standing Point

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varied green, purple; yttriam is lavender with white


Power, Healing

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Fluorite Wand
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Rainbow Fluorite small 2" $17.99

Fluorite crystal point
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal
Standing Point

Fluorite Point

Fluorite is a multi-dimensional stone. It advances the highest aspect of the mind, that which is attuned to the spirit.

Fluorite balances the positive and negative aspects of the mind, allowing one to experience inner peace and infinity. Use fluorite to open the third eye chakra.

Fluorite Healing

As a healing stone fluorite helps to relieve joint stiffness, regenerates skin and mucous membranes, fortifies bones and teeth.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.