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      Gemstones to Inspire Creativity

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Tumbled Gemstones

The Creativity Gemstones

Celebrate YOU! with these stones to inspire your creative spirit. Place them in a bowl at your desk or anywhere you need inspiration and imagination.

Who can benefit from these stones:

  • Writers to remove writer's block
  • Artists to unleash the imagination
  • Teachers for inspiration on ways to make interesting lessons
  • Anyone involved in a creative project such as a garden, scrapbooking, community projects, etc.

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Creativity Stones Kit

Includes Natural Citrine Point, Ametrine, Carnelian, Garnet, Sodalite and a pouch



opens the mind to new thoughts

garnet gemstone

encourages the gift of imagination and the wherewithal to take action


brings intuition for success by combining the awareness of amethyst and the dynamic energy of citrine

Sodalite Pyramid

Writers: Keep a sodalite sphere or pyramid at your writing desk to help overcome writer's block




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stone of orators; enhances the ability to communicate and translate ideas into action. Opens inspiration.


Enlivens the imagination and the ability to use it creatively. Helps us to see our inner riches and realize ambitions.


Encourages creativity and boosts self confidence

Rhodochrosite Sphere

Benefits the creative process and spirit of playfulness


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Stimulates ideas and spontaneity


Boosts creative energy


Unlocks creativity in an artist


Rejuvenating stone lends style and vigor to life; increases passion as a driving force.



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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.