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Gemstone Gifts

Celebrate the love and friendships in your life with a gift as precious as the one you love! Gemstones bring light, color and beauty to all who own them and have a way of saying "You're very special to me". When choosing gifts for those you love, don't forget yourself!

We can ship directly to your gift recipient and include a gift card with your short message when you request this in the comments section at checkout.


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Sacred Geometry Crystal Shapes

The shapes are simple, beautiful and profoundly symbolic. ...from $24.00

Boxed Chakra Stones

Seven chakra stones in a gift box...$29.95

Home Decor

Each is unique!...from $25.00

Dragonstone Slabs

Each is unique!...from $50.00

Picture Stone Slabs

Art from Mother Nature!...$19.95

Beaded Necklaces

Unique hand crafted necklaces...from $19.99

Splash Copper Art

Each is unique...from $40.00

Palm Stones

Smooth stones for comfort...from $5.00

Custom Bracelets

Design your own bracelet...prices vary


Rocks from outer space!...prices vary

Massage Tools

Roll tension away with these soothing massage wands...from $19.99

Gemstone Pendulums

Divination tools...from $16.00

Carved Gemstone Heart

Classic love symbol...from $14.95

Unique Jewelry

Exclusive designs in sterling silver...prices vary

One of a kind crystals

From Emily's private collection, these crystals are selected for their unusual formations, or rarity...prices vary

Carved Gemstone Animals

Totems teach life's lessons...from $12.99

Gemstone Bowls

Keep stones or jewelry in these delicate small bowls...prices vary


Wide variety of books and CDs on gemstones, chakras, healing, etc.

Gemstone Kits

Gemstone Kits for almost any occasion...from $9.99

Ammonite Pair

Geometrical beauty of the spiral, millions of years old...$14.95

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