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There are many items here that will make a lovely, thoughtful and much appreciated gift.


House warming gifts

quartz crystal cluster


Item #CR048L – Large Natural Quartz Crystal Cluster: three to four inches $10.95

Quartz crystal cluster
makes a thoughtful house-warming gift. The quartz crystal cluster will help the positive life force to flow
in the home.

Another lovely gift for the home is one of the animals. One of the symbols of the horse is protection in the


Item #TO65051 – Horse
The horse is the symbol of friendship. $29.95


Item #TO74007 – Pig

Maybe the pig as symbol of prosperity will be the best gift. Look over the meaning of the animals
and choose the one best for your friends.

New Baby or a gift for a child


Item #TO76009 – Frog

Frog – A very powerful protection for children. This symbol is known to give good dreams and is the symbol
of joy. A carved frog is an excellent gift for a child. The frog’s symbol of protection for children and joy will
be appreciated.

For Luck…


For Love…


Item #G108041 – Aventurine gemstone. Know someone who plays the lotto every week? Give that person
an aventurine to carry in the left pocket.


Item #SY93026 – Heart Symbol
That special person in your life should have a carved gem stone heart. This is a great gift to give anytime
not just for Valentines Day.



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