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Pink Halite
Pink Halite
Searles Lake, California, US

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Earth element


All Chakras


Healing, Personal Power

Clear Halite meaning

Colorless clear to white halite is a purifying crystal. Use it to:

  • give illumination
  • remove barriers to Light energy
  • purify energy or environment

Halite is a sodium chloride crystal and as such, is soluble in water. Keep halite dry.

Pink Halite
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Blue Halite Compatible Stones:

Pink Halite Compatible Stones:


Large approx.
7" - 8" tall

Pink Halite
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
Approx. 7" - 8" tall,
5 - 7 lbs.

Pink Halite meaning

Pink Halite harmonizes the heart and solar plexus chakras, making it a wonderful stone to promote self-love.

Pink Halite dissolves confusion and doubt

It assists one to clean up the spiritual or physical environment of unhealthy habits, relationships, incomplete projects, etc.

Some use it in bath water to clear and restore spiritual energy. One piece can be used repeatedly until it eventually dissolves.

Use Pink Halite to:

  • Cleanse the heart of emotional wounds
  • Take positive action towards a more self-loving lifestyle

Pink Halite
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
Approx. 7" - 8" tall,
5 - 7 lbs.

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