Jade bead


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Jade Bead

Jade has an overall balancing effect on the heart. It helps to make the body aware by instinct and contains a powerful stabilizing energy. Jade has been said to improve the efficiency of any healing process.

The strength of jade comes from its ability to connect the individual to the whole.

Healing properties of Jade

Jade is the most precious of all stones in China and Japan. The Chinese say the Jade’s virtues are; clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Green Jade has a calming effect when held. Just holding Jade will bring tranquil sense especially if it is carved into a shape or symbol meaningful to the holder.
Lavender Jade radiates love, beauty and security. It can help mend mental and emotional problems.
Red Jade gives a very energetic vibration to the holder or it can bring forth anger that the person is holding back. It will get the anger out in the open so the person can face the anger and clean it out. This can be a very emotional and demanding time for the person, but in the end the soul will be calmer.
Orange Jade also gives energy.
Yellow Jade aids poor digestion and constipation.
Blue Jade works with the mind, thoughts, ideas and imagination and will help all these to be more effective.
Mauve Jade has a delicate spiritual vibration and will help the person in his spiritual needs, especially when worn as a necklace.
Other colors of Jade are not as strong, but will have a calming effect.
Any color of Jade is very comforting worn as jewelry.

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¾" long x ½"




Love, Power, Healing


Fourth Chakra – Heart

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