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      Druzy Earrings

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Druzy  earrings
Rainbow Druzy & Blue Topaz earrings SR100



Rhodonite  earrings
Druzy with Chalcedony & Blue Topaz earrings SR99
3" long



Druzy  earrings
Druzy & Blue Topaz earrings SR15

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White & Blue; sterling silver setting


Magic, Power, Healing

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Druzy Pendants

Druzy Rings




Druzy  earrings
Cobalt Druzy & Blue Topaz earrings SR689

Druzy Crystal Cave Earrings

  • Amplifies the intensity of other stones
  • Supplies strength and energy
  • Encourages clarity of mind
  • Improves perception & understanding

    Druzy is used for balancing all chakras

    Druzy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone.

    This appearance of stardust creates a magical stunning effect.

    In this case an exquisite glittering cave is found within the crystal.

  • No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.