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  • Men’s Labradorite Ring #569 in Sterling Silver


    Labradorite Rings Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Use labradorite to: Stimulate imagination Develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas To see more clearly in meditation Promotes change and transformation Energy boost Prevents negativity Reveals…

  • Men’s Ruby Ring #816 in Sterling Silver


    Ruby Rings The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a…

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    Men’s Sodalite Ring #200 in Sterling Silver


    Sodalite Ring Sodalite brings inner peace. Keep sodalite in your pockets and in every room of your house, so its peaceful properties will flow all around you. Sodalite is a dark blue stone with white calcite interspersed. It is sometimes confused with lapis lazuli as it also has small specks of pyrite in it. The…

  • Men’s Tigereye Ring #381 in Sterling Silver


    Tigereye Rings Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight and you can be a very lucky person. When used in jewelry the tiger eye may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight. Some benefits of Tiger Eye include:…