Topaz (top); Amethyst (right);Citrine (Bottom); Moonstone (left) Power Pendant


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Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine & Moonstone in sterling silver setting

Topaz is known as the stone of Jupiter, representing rule over one’s own life, self-realization and wisdom. Blue Topaz gently opens the throat and third eye chakras, making communication easier and more effective.

Amethyst aids dreaming, inspiration and intuition.

Citrine is a success stone used to bring wealth, clarity of thought, and self esteem

Moonstone brings good fortune and passionate love.

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2 1/4" tall with bail, 1 1/2" wide


Blue topaz; Purple Amethyst; Yellow Citrine; White Moonstonesterling silver setting


Success, Joy, Self Esteem