Australian Blue Opal, Peridot, Freshwater Pearl Power Pendant


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Australian Blue Opal, Peridot, Freshwater Pearl in sterling silver setting

Peridot is a stone of joy and beauty. It is used to bless one’s work and brings a healthy vibrant energy to your goals.

Pearls symbolize purity of heart, mind, faith and innocence. They remind us to carry ourselves through life with dignity.

Australian Blue Opal

Australian Opal are of the highest quality and cut. Photos cannot fully convey the exquisite magic and beauty of these stones. The green fire leaps out with a mesmerizing brilliance.

Opal is a beautiful stone that is worn for its many properties. Among these are:

  • Facilitates astral projection
  • Helps in recalling past incarnations
  • Develops psychic powers
  • Brings out inner beauty
  • Used in drawing money as well as luck

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1 1/2" tall with bail


Australian Blue Opal, Green Peridot, White Freshwater Pearlsterling silver setting


Wisdom, Passion, Love