Black Onyx Sacred Spiral Claw


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Black Onyx Sacred Spiral Claw

Black Onyx helps you think before you speak. This is an excellent stone for people who feel overwhelmed or put upon. Black onyx is wonderful to wear to work when you feel under pressure as it is a strength-giving stone, providing support during difficult situations.

Black Onyx has the power of quartz crystal, but with a more gentle power.

It will help you get in touch with your inner wisdom.

The Sacred Spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and evolution. It is believed to contain the proportions by which Nature arranges itself – from the pattern of seeds in a sunflower to the stars in a galaxy! In Native American tradition, it represents a “never-ending cycle” of all life and is considered to be the path to the Creator.

Includes 18″ chain – spiral is made from surgical steel.

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Black surgical steel setting


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