Crystal Quartz Ring



Crystal Quartz Ring #SR638 size 7

Crystal Quartz
Ring SR638

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sterling silver setting


Cleansing, Purifying, Power & Healing

Gemstone Rings

Crystal Quartz Jewelry

Gemstone Rings

Crystal Quartz Jewelry


Crystal Quartz Ring #SR670 size 6 1/2

Natural Crystal Quartz
Ring SR670

in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

Crystal Quartz Rings

Crystal is a common stone, but a powerful one. It is often used in healing as amplification for the energies of the other working stones.

  • Amplifies the intensity of other stones
  • Supplies strength and energy
  • Encourages clarity of mind
  • Improves perception and understanding
  • Natural crystal quartz is used for balancing all chakras

The Quartz Crystal has a similar vibration as humans. This is why using Crystal to meditate and keeping a Crystal helps one to know oneself.

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