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      Scolecite pendant

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w Amethyst

Scolecite Pendant GF924
Rough Scolecite with faceted amethyst accent stone in sterling silver setting

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2 1/4" tall with bail


Shimmering white
sterling silver setting


Power, Love

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w Garnet

Scolecite Pendant GF925
Rough Scolecite with faceted Garnet accent stone in sterling silver setting

Scolecite Pendant in sterling silver setting

Scolecite ensconces your being in sublime tranquility. This intense state of serenity will transport you to a higher realm of conciousness.

It facilitates expressions of love between sweethearts making it an excellent stone to bestow on a loved one.

Wear this Scolecite pendant to enhance your dreams and deepen meditation.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.