Smokey Quartz Sacred Spiral Pendant


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Smokey Quartz Sacred Spiral pendant in sterling silver

The Sacred Spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and evolution. It is believed to contain the proportions by which Nature arranges itself – from the pattern of seeds in a sunflower to the stars in a galaxy! In Native American tradition, it represents a “never-ending cycle” of all life and is considered to be the path to the Creator.

Wrapped in a spiral of sterling silver, this pendant is crafted from genuine smokey quartz.

Smokey quartz is nature’s stone of endurance. If you need a extra boost, wear this smokey quartz pendant. It will promote personal pride, creativity in business and will open the path for perception and learning.

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1 1/2" tall with bail


Smokey Brown sterling silver setting


Optimism, Confidence, Verility