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gemstones and crystals

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Gemstone Jewelry
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Fluorite Ring
Beaded Bracelets

Citrine bracelet
Rhodochrosite Rings

Peridot Ring
Peridot Rings

Apatite bracelet
Rough Apatite Bracelet

Larimar bracelet
1 of a kind Larimar Bracelet

Tourmaline jewelry
Tourmaline Jewelry

Druzy bracelet
Rough Druzy Bracelet

 Quartz Ring
Healing Lepidolite Jewelry

Amethyst Ring
Unique Amethyst Rings

Citrine Ring
Lucky Citrine Rings

 Aquamarine Ring
Rough Aquamarine Rings

Iolite Ring
Gorgeous Iolite Ring

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.