Mystic Topaz pendant



(large size 1 3/4″ tall with bail)


(small size 1 1/4″ tall with bail)


Mystic Topaz Power Pendants
One available of each size

ships within 48 hours

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Purple rainbows
sterling silver setting


Love, Power, Healing

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Mystic Topaz Power pendants in sterling silver setting

Mystic Topaz is also known as Fire Topaz, Mystic Fire Topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaska topaz, Alaskan ice and Rainbow topaz. These are all different terms used to describe the same gemstone treated by titanium vapor for a permanent rainbow of colors.

Topaz is known as the stone of Jupiter.

It represents rule over one’s own life, self-realization and wisdom.

Topaz gently opens the throat and third eye chakras, making communication easier and more effective.

As a healing crystal, Topaz is beneficial for:

  • Fortifying the nerves
  • Improving digestion
  • Stimulating metabolism

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