Holiday Energizer Stone Kit

Twelve Holiday Energizer Stones

Do you get caught up in the holiday rush during the Christmas season? This time of year can be draining with all the extra activity of decorating, shopping, parties, volunteering, etc. Sometimes, when the rush of it all is over and Christmas day arrives, we tend to feel like it passed us by too quickly.

This season take a few moments each day to really enjoy the true spirit of the season.

Everyone deserves to take a little time for themselves. It’s very healthy to give yourself a little time each day to just focus on you, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It can boost your energy level and really change your mood for the better.

I have created this kit as a way for you to energize and balance yourself throughout the hectic season. You will enjoy a sense of excitement and anticipation, with energizing stones and crystals that add to holiday cheer. The ritual is set to begin on December 13th and end on Christmas Eve.

Holiday Energizer Stones
Arrange your 12 pouches in a decorative bowl or basket, or hang them on a wreath from your mantle, be creative!

Includes 12 Surprise stones or crystals in velveteen pouches, with a daily message that you will use to connect with the stone energy.

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