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      Sacred Geometry Shape: Merkaba

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Sacred Geometry - Symbols- Gemstone Totem Animals

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Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz Merkaba
Rose Quartz Merkaba 3/4"
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Shungite Merkaba
Shungite Merkaba 1 1/4"




Amethyst Merkaba
Amethyst Quartz Merkaba 3/4"


in assorted stones

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.

The Number Six:

Hexagram, star of David, the Beloved Energies create new acceptance in love, forgiveness. Merkabah is associated with the number six.


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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.