Flame Aura Crystal Point

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Flame Aura crystal point (titanium treated)

Flame Aura is the name for quartz that has been treated with titanium. The natural amethyst quartz point has been specially treated in a process where a molecular layer of titanium plus other metals has been fused to the surface of the quartz. This results in a permanent coloring of the surface creating a brilliant effect.

Flame Aura is used in meditation to stimulate the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra, aligning all the chakras.

Some people use Flame Aura quartz to assist in contact during meditation with the ancient Greek civilizations. It also has all the cleansing properties of natural quartz crystals; alignment, harmony, etc.

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Approx. Size:

1" long


Iridescent brilliant blue, red, magenta, gold, green (color enhanced amethyst crystal quartz)


Power, Love, Spirituality