Ruby in Zoisite Double Terminated point


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Ruby in Zoisite Point, Obelisk

A double terminated point channels energy in two directions at once and provides a bridge between two energy points.

Zoisite with Ruby is a natural mineral formation that has a pleasing color with the deep red ruby contrasting with the green zoisite.

The zoisite is a fertility or growth stone, encouraging new life, rebirth and development at both the physical and spiritual levels. Ruby is a stone of courage, passion and physical life force. It is often used to increase vitality.

Ruby in Zoisite is used to:

  • Bring harmony to relationships
  • Stimulate the Root Chakra
  • Enhance vitality, decrease fatigue
  • Provide harmony and balance for the mind, body and soul
  • Alleviate grief or depression

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approx. 2" long; multi faceted


Green zoisite with pick/red ruby


Love, Personal Power